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GO Tutor Profiles

Go tutors Oct 2019

Science Tutors

College of Arts and Sciences

Environmental Sciences

Year 3


Tutoring subjects: Math, Physics, Psychology

Languages spoken: English, Japanese


Hello! I am Shoma Kato who was born in Japan but raised in the U.S.A. I graduated high school there and entered UTokyo as a PEAK student.

If you have any problems with academics or with life as a student, please feel free to talk to me!

College of Arts and Sciences

Chemistry and biotechnology

Year 2


Tutoring subjects: Chemistry, Physics

Languages spoken: English, Japanese, Thai


I’m Naphatsorn Kulsayumporn. I know that my name is too long so you can call me ‘Maymay’. I’m Thai and I have been living in Japan for almost 3 years. I’m traveller and amateur photographer. I’m also very interested in foreign languages. I just started learning German last summer. I also love to learn cultures so I would love to hear about your country and also your life in Japan. Please feel free to drop by at GO office. I’m looking forward to meeting you all!

Faculty of Engineering
Systems Innovation

Year 2


Tutoring subjects: Japanese, Math, Computer Science 

Languages spoken: Japanese, English


Hello, I’m Nao! I once lived in the US, but it was when I was at the age of 0 to 1, so I have spent almost all my life in Japan. I also practiced Kendo, a traditional Japanese martial art, in junior high and high school. From these reasons, I am very positive that I know quite a lot about Japan and can be of great help in your life in here. Please feel free to ask me any question.

I’m looking forward to meeting you all.


Natural Science I
Year 2

Tutoring subjects: Physics, Math
Languages spoken: Indonesian, English, Japanese

Hi guys! I am Sadha from Indonesia. I am currently in 2nd semester at Natural Science Stream 1, and will major in Biotechnology and Chemistry. I have been living in Japan since the time when I still could barely speak Japanese, until I can now communicate in daily basis.
I often think that getting out of the comfort zone is the only way for the people to improve themselves. That is one of the reasons I came here to study. I believe some of you guys might have a similar opinion. However, living in a new environment is not an easy thing to do; there must be many problems you would face. But then, a human is a social being, one should not struggle alone. I am here, ready to help you as a GO tutor, if you have any problems. I cover some science or math problems, some cultural shock you experience, or even the procedure of paying bills. I would be honored to be able to help you. But actually, you are welcome to the GO Tutor desk without any problem; you can also chat casually about many things with us, as I am sure we do have a different background which is more than interesting to be shared. Remember, sharing is caring! I am looking forward to meeting you guys!

Natural Science I, College of Liberal Arts
Year 2
Tutoring subjects: Physics, Chemistry
Languages spoken: Nepali, English, Japanese
Hello! I am Yaman. I stayed in Osaka for a year before joining the University of Tokyo. I have been living in Japan for over two years and I am still amazed by the richness of Japan. Culture, music, food or nature, Japan never stops giving me something new to explore. I would love to hear your experiences in Japan. I am also a huge rock music fan, so I am always happy to chat about music. I am looking forward to talking to you.
Language & Humanities Tutors
Department of Interdisciplinary Linguistics, College of Arts and Sciences
Interdisciplinary linguistics
Year 4
Tutoring subjects: Japanese, Linguistics, Basic Programming
Languages spoken: English, Japanese, Chinese, Hokkien (basic), Spanish (basic)
Hello! I’m Cheryl from Singapore, a 4th year (as of 2019) student majoring in Linguistics. Although I’m not a native speaker of Japanese, feel free to ask me anything and I’ll try my best to answer you. We can also practise conversation if you want to! I’m a very random person so don’t mind me. I love games (video games, board games (let’s play!!)), puzzles and food so if you’re interested in any of those, just randomly come up to me and say “I love games/puzzles/food too!” and I’d be elated. I’d also love to hear what you’re interested in so fear not if none of the above apply. Hope to see you at the GO! (I will tempt you with food sometimes)

Department of Social and International Relations, College of Arts and Sciences
Major: International Relations
Year 3
Tutoring subjects: Chinese, English, Japanese
Languages spoken: Chinese, English, Japanese, French (basic)
Hi! I’m Alex from Shanghai, China, majoring in IR at Komaba. This is my third year here and since I will be staying here until graduation, you may see me randomly on campus :D. If you have any problem in Chinese, Japanese or English language studies, or any questions you have in your life here in Tokyo or on campus, I’m here to help! Personally I am a Chelsea fan (for 9yrs), a PC gamer (CSGO, MHW, etc.), and recently became a home cook (basically due to homesickness). Please feel free to come and have random talks whenever you feel like!
Department of Social and International Relations, College of Arts and Sciences
Major: International Relations
Year 4
Tutoring subjects: Japanese
Languages spoken: Japanese, English
Hi I'm Erina, a 4th year student majoring in International Relations.
I was born in Boston, the United States, and lived there for about 3 years.
That's why I feel a special attachment to the United States!
Basically I love playing sports and listening to music(from film music to EDM).
If you need any help with your Japanese studies, please feel free to come to the Globalization Office.
Looking forward to seeing you all!!
Department of Social and International Relations,College of Arts and Sciences
International Relations
Year 5
Tutoring subjects: Japanese, Chinese
Languages spoken: Japanese, English, Chinese
Hello, I'm Haruka and I major in International Relations. Studied in Toronto for one year as an exchange student, and also spent several weeks in Sydney and Nanjing for summer schools. I have studied Chinese for two years, so I can chat a little bit in Chinese! I love watching movies, reading books and chatting with my friends (and eating chocolate♡) so please feel free to talk with me!
Liberal Studies III (Bun III), College of Arts and Science
Japan in East Asia (PEAK), Freshman
Tutoring subjects: 
Theater/Drama (and some English literature)
Social and Cultural Analysis
Academic Writing in English
Chinese (Mandarin and the Chongqing dialect) and Modern Chinese Literature
Languages spoken:
Chinese (Mandarin and the Chongqing Dialect)
Japanese (to a certain degree)
Hello Message
As Bard’s not so cliched cliche goes, “all the world’s a stage.” Having upstaged my way through Chongqing, New York, and now Tokyo, I’m more than thrilled to invite you to the wondrous magic of theater and theater making! Free free to drown me with iambic pentameter or Gilgamesh tablets. Fetch me if you are holding a seminar on deconstructing social constructs, namely gender, age, nationality, sexuality, and, well, trees (Would love it if you ask me why and how). Would love to have a dark-night-of-the-soul conversation about bay or bae. If you just want to talk or hang out, I’m here for you. Also I’m catching up with Kanshi (Traditional Chinese Poems) through the amazing Friday evening class that Todai has graced us with. Anyways, I guess my point is, howdy howdy!  :) 
College of Arts and Sciences
Cultural Anthropology and Linguistics
Year 5 (or 4)
Tutoring subjects: Japanese
Languages spoken:Japanese, English
Hi, I’m Tomoko, a fourth (or fifth) year student majoring in Cultural Anthropology and minoring in Linguistics. I was born and raised up in Tokyo, but have experience of studying in New Zealand for two years in total. I love travelling and talking to people. I am very very willing to talk to students from different countries and/or with different backgrounds. Whenever you have problems with Japanese, or just want someone to have a chat with, GO tutors are here for you! 
College of Arts and Sciences
Cultural Anthropology and International Relations
Year 4 (or 5?)
Tutoring subjects: Japanese
Languages spoken:Japanese, English
Hello, I’m Seira! I’m a 4th year student studying Anthropology and International Relations. I’m originally from Aichi (the non-Nagoya part of Aichi) but lived in Kentucky for 8.5 years. I also stayed in Philadelphia for a year during my exchange program at Swarthmore College. I love sweets, sports, and travelling! Looking forward to meet you all, please feel free to ask for any help:)
Faculty of Law 
Law/ Company Law
Year 4
Tutoring subjects: Japanese
Languages spoken: Japanese, English
Welcome to the biggest city in the world! I grew up in Tokyo for 20 years, have experienced rush-hour-train since I was in a kindergarten. I can say I’m a master of Tokyo now. From trivial things in your daily lives, to parties and drinking places in Tokyo, I would be a perfect guide for you. Japanese traditional culture is also my speciality; I’ve learned Japanese Tea Ceremony for several years, have experience of demonstrating it during my exchange in Hong Kong last year. I would be a powerful engine for you to enjoy our marvellous city, Tokyo!

Department of Area Studies, College of Arts and Sciences

North American Studies

Year 4

Tutoring subjects: Japanese

Languages spoken: Japanese, English

Hi! I’m Taiki, a senior majoring in American studies. People have called me “a recluse” or “a caveman” on various occasions and I find it hilarious. My academic interests have been in literature and modern art lately. I like chocolate. I’m like, really, obsessed with it. I’m also a tropical house aficionado. Looking forward to getting to know you all!

Department of Interdisciplinary Linguistics, College of Arts and Sciences
Language and information, 
Masters’ 1
Tutoring subjects: Russian, Japanese
Languages spoken: Russian, English, Japanese, Polish, Spanish
Hey guys! I was born and raised in Siberia, Russia and have lived in Tokyo for 4 years. Love traveling, foreign languages, music, yoga, cycling and hiking. Climbed Mt. Fuji once - it was crazy but I wanna do it again this year!
I also know all the best vegan restaurants in Tokyo, so feel free to ask.
Drop by tutor’s lounge if you are looking for help, occasional deep philosophical conversations or just to have so fun and relax! Cheers~

Humanities and Social Sciences Ⅰ
College of Arts and Sciences

Law and Political Science

Year 2

Tutoring Subjects: Japanese

Languages Spoken: English, Japanese, Chinese(basic)


Hello! I'm Risa, currently a sophomore studying law and political science.

Besides my major, I am interested in education and sustainability.

I spent my early childhood in Palo Alto, California, but have lived in Japan since I was 4.

I've been learning Chinese for one and a half years, and have just started learning Korean.

I love traveling, singing and watching musicals.

If you have any concerns or just feel like having a chat, please feel free to drop by!

I look forward to talking with you!

Department of Social and International Relations, College of Arts and Sciences

International Relations 

Year 2


Tutoring subjects: Korean, Japanese

Languages spoken: Korean, Japanese, English


Hello! I’m Jimin, currently a sophomore at Utokyo and I have just begun majoring in international relations (which is tougher than I imagined). I was born and raised in South Korea, came to Japan last year, so I speak Korean, English, and Japanese. I did take Spanish classes last year but sadly I don’t remember much of what I studied…As for hobbies, I like to binge watch TV shows or movies when I have free time. Yes, I am pretty much of a homebody but I also like to hang out with friends and travel around the neighborhood. Feel free to come talk to me and ask questions!

Department of Social and International Relations,

College of Arts and Sciences

Major: International Relations

Year 2


Tutoring subjects:Japanese, Chinese, Shanghainese

Languages spoken:English, Japanese, Chinese, Shanghainese, German(basic)


Hello! My name is Ikutei and you can call me yoyo.

I am a sophomore student majoring in International Relations in the faculty of Arts and Sciences. My hobbies are swimming, traveling, strolling, and playing ukulele. As for academic interests , besides international relations, I am also interested in agricultural studies. On weekends, I sometimes go to the farm land to look after rice and vegetables. Also, I am learning German recently which is hard but very interesting. Looking forward to chatting with you!

Humanities and Social Sciences 3
College of Arts and Sciences

Year 1


Tutoring subjects: Japanese

Languages spoken: Japanese, Korean, English, (Spanish)


Hi, I’m Soyoung from Korea. I’m a freshman and I am going to major in international relationships next year. I speak Korean, Japanese, English and Spanish (Although it has been only 6 months studying Spanish). I like to watch TV shows in Netflix while free time. These days, I’m into a TV show called ’The good place’. I also like to sing and listen to K-POP and POP songs, and love to go karaoke with my friends. If you have any questions about your study or life in Japan, feel free to talk to me. If you don’t have any questions but want to have a chat with me, you can still visit GO office, and I’ll be there for you. I am looking forward to seeing you guys at GO.

Humanities and Social Sciences I, College of Arts and Sciences
Law & Political Sciences
Year 3
Tutoring subjects: Japanese, French(basic), Spanish(basic)
Languages spoken: Japanese, English, French, Spanish
Hi, I am Keito Mizuno. I study  law and political sciences in the faculty of liberal arts (junior division). I have been deeply interested in cultural exchange, especially in culinary cultures, and  have been working at a French bistro. I speak English and Japanese, as well as French and Spanish which I now study at the University of Tokyo. Anyone interested in cultural exchange, as well as those in need of language support, contact me!
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