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Incoming Students

USA/Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (GPEAK)/Master’s Student/Hello! My name is Christina, and I am a Master’s student at Todai through the GSP Program. I am originally from Honolulu, Hawaii, and third generation Japanese American. I am researchin
Yui 2
Japan/Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (GPEAK)/Master’s Student/Hi, my name is Yui Fujita and I’ve just finished my Master’s degree in Global Studies through the Graduate Program on Global Society (GSP) at the University of Tokyo Graduate School of A
India/College of Arts and Sciences (PEAK)/Undergraduate Student/Hello everyone! I am second year student from New Delhi! I love learning languages, going for karaoke, drawing, reading fantasy novels, travelling, and eating either really spicy food or ve
New Zealand/College of Arts and Sciences (PEAK)/Undergraduate Student/Hi, my name is Arthur and I was born and raised in Auckland, New Zealand. I am currently a first year PEAK student in the environmental sciences course. My main passion is football (so
Singapore/College of Arts and Sciences (PEAK)/Undergraduate Student/I’m currently a third year student in the College of Arts and Sciences, studying in the PEAK Program. I’m majoring in Environmental Sciences. I come from Singapore and lived there all my
Chiwu Ishido Kim
USA/College of Arts and Sciences (PEAK)/Undergraduate Student/My name is Chiwu Ishido Kim. I am half-Japanese and half-Korean. I was born and raised in New York. My stay at the University of Tokyo is the first time I have lived in Japan.
Bangladesh/College of Arts and Sciences (PEAK)/Undergraduate Student/Hi, my name is Ishraq, and I am an undergraduate student studying at the University of Tokyo (Komaba campus). I came to Japan in late September 2013 and my classes began in the first we
Malaysia/College of Arts and Science (PEAK)/Undergraduate Student/Hi, I’m from Malaysia. I speak English, ‘Manglish’ (Malaysian English), Mandarin, Japanese, Malay, Indonesian, Cantonese, and many more. I often mix languages, and speak ‘Manglish’ occasio
Kotoe Kuroda
Japan/College of Arts and Sciences(PEAK)/Undergraduate Student/Hi, I’m Kotoe and my family is fully Japanese but I have spent half my life living abroad in China, South Korea and the UK, and the other half attending international schools in Japan. I’ve n
Lin Gengxian Shunji
Singapore/College of Arts and Sciences (PEAK)/Undergraduate Student/Hi, I’m Shunji, and I am a third year PEAK student!
Marie Hayashi Strand
Japan/College of Arts and Sciences (PEAK)/Undergraduate Student/Hello! My name is Marie Hayashi Strand, and I am a second year student in PEAK. I am half-Norwegian and half-Japanese, and lived in Norway, the Philippines and Singapore during my ch
Amelia Lee
Malaysia/Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (GPEAK)/Master’s Student/I am a Masters student at the University of Tokyo’s Komaba II Campus. I am based in the Oki Lab, where I am trying to hone some skills in hydrological modeling. I call Malaysia my hom
Kayondo Muzafalu
Uganda/Institute of Industrial Science(IIS)/Doctoral Student/My name is Kayondo Muzafalu, from Uganda, and I am a first year doctoral student at the Kishi Laboratory in the Institute of Industrial Sciences, Komaba, UTokyo.
Ethiopia/Institute of Industrial Science(IIS)/Master’s Student/I am Biruktawit Taye, a 2nd year Masters student in the Civil Engineering Department at UTokyo. I study concrete in the Kishi laboratory on the Komaba research campus.
Benoît Behaghel
France/Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology(RCAST)/Doctoral Student/I am a French research student working on my Ph.D in the Okada Laboratory (RCAST), under the Japanese-French collaboration on new concepts program called “NextPV” (next ge
Germany/College of Arts and Sciences/Undergraduate Exchange Student/My name is Matthias Mercado, I am an exchange student from the Martin Luther University in Germany.My major is economics, but I want to work in Japan in the future, so I needed to improv
Philippines/College of Arts and Sciences (AIKOM)/Undergraduate Exchange Student/I’m Catherine, an exchange student from the University of the Philippines. I’m studying elementary education, with a major in language and literature. I enjoy traveling, eati
Rizca Hikmah Hijria
Indonesia/College of Arts and Sciences (AIKOM)/Undergraduate Exchange Student/Hello. My name is Rizca Hikmah Hijria but my friends call me Chika. I am 21 years old and come from Indonesia. I came to Komaba, UTokyo in order to join the AIKOM Program.
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