GO Tutor Profiles

GO Tutor Profiles
Science Tutors
Shoma KatoShoma Kato
Department of Multidisciplinary Sciences, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

Tutoring subjects:Japanese, Chemistry, Math
Languages spoken:English, Japanese

Hello message:
Hello, my name is Shoma. I was born in Japan and grew up in the USA. I enjoy running marathons and drinking coffee. If you have any questions or want to chat, please feel free to talk to me!
Yaman Singh ShresthaYaman Singh Shrestha
Graduate School of Science

Tutoring subjects:Physics, Chemistry
Languages spoken:Nepali, English, Japanese

Hello message:
Hello! I am Yaman. I stayed in Osaka for a year before joining the University of Tokyo. I have been living in Japan for over two years and I am still amazed by the richness of Japan. Culture, music, food or nature, Japan never stops giving me something new to explore. I would love to hear your experiences in Japan. I am also a huge rock music fan, so I am always happy to chat about music. I am looking forward to talking to you.