Global Praxis

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The Program, “Global Praxis and Global Praxis-Advanced (GP/GP-A)”, is one
of the thematic international programs started in 2015 as a flagship of the University of Tokyo.
Unique features of the program are described as follows:

-Students can obtain credits after completing course requirements.
-Courses include collaborative work with local and international students
-Bilateral agreement course between UTokyo and foreign academic institutions
-In-country courses with students from overseas
-Courses which incorporate programs being offered overseas

The Global Praxis (GP) is designed for students in the junior division and trains them with basic skills necessary for becoming global citizens and pursue their further research study, and is considered an initial step towards learning cultural differences through language courses, field experiential learning, and cultural exchange programme activities.

The Global Praxis-Advanced (GP-A) targets students in the senior division, and requires an advanced level of knowledge and language skills in the subject area. Both GP and GP-A welcomes students from the Humanities and the Social Sciences as well as those from the Natural Sciences thus provide opportunities for them to share their interests, thoughts and use their language and research skills to study together.
The courses of Global Praxis are offered to students during the summer break (from June to the beginning of September) and during the winter break (from January to March). Some courses require students to attend lectures before they go on a study-tour abroad.

Students who have not had experiences with different cultures and languages are welcome. Global Praxis encourages them to take the first step toward becoming global citizens. Students are expected to actively participate in the programs and be willing to widen their intellectual scope.

Participants of Global Praxis

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